Access & Intercom Systems in Palm Beach

Home access and intercom systems are a great way to protect your Palm Beach property or to communicate with family members in other areas of your home. Celeste Enterprise LLC makes it easy to select, install and calibrate the door entry security systems that are just right for you. We’ll work within your budget to help you choose from several top home access control systems and deliver a seamless installation that complies with current building safety standards.

If you are a business, new homebuilder, or landlord—we can help. We offer several customized door entry systems and intercom systems for business that we are confident you will love. Allow us to demonstrate the depth of our knowledge during a free consultation where we can discuss your goals in full detail. From there, we can develop an estimate that reflects all the work and products needed to complete the job to your complete satisfaction.

Intuitive Access Control Security

Monitoring and controlling the flow of traffic to and from your building is an important part of keeping employees, tenants, clients, and your family safe. Here are some of the access control security products and systems we can custom design and install on your premises:

  • Buzzer systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Two-way communication speaker installations
  • Electronic access controls
  • Biometric access systems
  • Wall-mounted interfaces
  • Cameras
  • Swipe keys and card accesses
  • Intercom access controls
  • Intercom phone systems for small businesses
  • Outdoor intercoms for businesses and private residences
  • Wireless intercom system for businesses and residents
  • Alphanumeric punch pad door locks

Streamlined Door Access Control System Installation

In most cases, where only a single door is involved, we can complete a door access control system installation in one day. When several door access control systems need to be installed, we’ll work with you to determine a schedule that best meets your needs. Our reputation for meeting tight deadlines and delivering fast turnaround times, to organizations and homeowners, in Palm Beach is impeccable. Our door access system implementation proceeds as such:

  1. We meet with you for a free onsite consultation.
  2. We explore your needs and address areas of concern.
  3. We propose an actionable solution that fits within your budget.
  4. You review and approve your quote.
  5. We schedule a set installation date.
  6. We show up on install day, with everything we need to get right to work.
  7. All systems are tested and ready to use.
  8. We show you how to maneuver using your new door intercom system, so it doesn’t seem intimidating the first time you use it.
  9. We clean up our tools and any working debris before we leave.

Give us a call now to request a free estimate or to set up an appointment for a consultation with Palm Beach’s efficient access and intercom system installers. We look forward to helping you move your project forward on time, and on budget.